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Silapix Emerging Thai Artists Social Network

Art Consulting Thailand l Silapix l Emerging Thai Artists Social Network

Silapix Emerging Thai Artists Social Network

From an artistic point of view, young emerging artists in Thailand are beginning to emancipate themselves from traditional art, whose greatest legacy was certainly created during the Rattanakosin period (even though Sukhothai era remains the finest one), which extends from the late eighteenth century to the present. The sovereigns of the Chakri Dynasty (from Rama I to Rama IX) have had a major role in the development of artistic techniques, and even sometimes in their protection and preservation as evidenced by the commitment of Queen Sirikit, through her foundation “Arts of the Kingdom” (the finest collection is housed at Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Dusit, Bangkok).

This gradual shedding is clearly seen in the work produced by young emerging artists training in Fine Arts universities in Thailand. Immutable themes which form the foundation of Thai society and culture, such as religion (mainly Buddhism), myths and beliefs, the greatness of the nation, the royal epics, etc. seem to gradually fade in favor of more contemporary, less serious, and less austere concerns. Of course, there are still some sensitive and taboo subjects towards which few artists dare to venture, but here again, things are evolving.

Social network play an important role in this educational transformation. Firstly, because Thailand’s young people are addicted to social networks and, as such, so are young artists. They can easily conduct exchanges with artists from other countries, thus becoming open to other ideas, cultures, art forms, and techniques. Secondly, because the emergence of a more or less educated middle class is breaking a number of ceilings, with all of the prejudices and frustrations which they contained. Creativity, even if it is still relative in Thailand, tends towards growth, and continues to grow.

Even at the higher level represented by the Museum Of Contemporary Art of Bangkok (MOCA), which is home to an unrivaled collection of works by the greatest Thai artists (such as Thawan Duchanee, Chalud Nimsamer, Paitun Muangsomboon, Chalermchai Kositpipat, Kamol Tassananchalee, Khien Yimsiri, etc.) unrivaled in Thailand, the traditional themes mentioned above that contributed to the emergence of these major artists are studied and reshaped in a neo-traditional manner, as evidenced by the exhibition taking place currently on the same theme at the Museum Of Contemporary Art of Bangkok (MOCA).

All of this to say that Thailand’s youth is emancipating itself in the field of creation. With its unique an innovative positioning, Art Consulting Thailand has been supporting this movement for the last 3 years, building Silapix and focusing on matters related to the business education of emerging artists in Thailand.