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Art Services Bangkok Hua Hin Samui Phuket Pattaya Chiangmai Chiangrai

Art Consulting Thailand l Interior Design & Decoration Agency l Bangkok

Art Services Bangkok Hua Hin Samui Phuket Pattaya Chiangmai Chiangrai

Through Silapix, Art Consulting Thailand encourages and supports Thai artists, arts and culture opportunities to generate and encounter the diverse creative, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and material features of Thailand and its development. Our goal is to create inspiring, diverse and distinctive art ecosystem, cultivate contemporary artistic discourse, create outreach opportunities and encourage meaningful audience engagement.  Whether you are an individual seeking for home decoration art services, or an organisation willing to implement an art project, you will discover the best art services and opportunities at Art Consulting Thailand.

Art Consulting Thailand offers opportunities for artists, performers, musicians, craftspeople, organisations, art collectors, community members and visitors to experience a diversity of arts and culture activities in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, etc. Whether through community events, exhibitions, seasonal programming or special events, our goal is to nurture the growing arts and culture scene in Thailand, giving Thai artists new sustainable opportunities.

Shipping artwork? Framed, sculpture or ceramics, whatever it is, we can help pack and ship your artwork worldwide. We carry boxes in a variety of sizes and all the necessary supplies, such as bubble cushioning and for some specific shipment, we can even make custom boxes and crates for those odd-sized items.

Art services include:

  • Consulting / artistic direction / creative session
  • Project management
  • Sourcing of artists / artworks / suppliers
  • Purchase / commission / lease art
  • Art history research / academic report
  • Online museum / web development
  • Delivery / installation art
  • Curatorial services
  • Photo / video shooting / panorama / interviews
  • Digital marketing
  • Market intelligence
  • Import / Export / Customs clearance / Freight / Logistics

Art Consulting Thailand’s mission is to provide art-related services to organizations (enterprises and institutions) in various sectors with an opportunity to enhance their environments with premium quality art, sourced and/or commissioned from Thai artists, while giving those artists new and sustainable opportunities.  Art Consulting Thailand believes that this process will result in the first sustainable and professional ecosystem in Thailand dedicated to art, giving Thai artists new opportunities and connecting them to the global art market. By achieving its mission, we are expecting to produce, within a few years (5-10), an art industry paradigm shift in Thailand. This strategy is being implemented using a proprietary software platform (Silasoft), a social network of Thai Artists (Silapix) and a corporate network of clients acting as sponsors and contributors (Sila CSR), all three designed to work together.