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Creative Art Consultants Team │ Passion For Design, Interior & Architecture

Art Consulting Thailand gathers together an multi-cultural creative team of art and design consultants, who provide art consultancy and project management for organizations. Whatever your needs, we will help you to conceptualize, monitor and manage your art related project through to completion. We source, buy and commission art and manage the relationships between local and international artists and designers and various stakeholders in the arts and design sector. The team is experimented, fluent in English and have a high-level education in art history, fine art, curatorship, digital content production and project management.


Founder & Managing director / Senior project manager / Art consultant / Curator

Eric is an enthusiastic creative French entrepreneur, photographer, art consultant, curator, founder and managing director of Art Consulting Thailand (a company accredited by the Board of Investment of Thailand). Since opening his first art gallery in Bangkok (Rock Around Asia) in 2011, Eric has constantly been working on bringing a new vision to setup an efficient art market in Thailand to reality, by initiating an industry paradigm shift through new technologies, launching, the first professional social network marketplace to connect Thai artists with worldwide organizations for business purpose. Bringing a new value proposal to the conservative art market in Thailand is quite challenging as there is no support of any kind. VC’s and private investors need reliable market track records to invest, and Thai government does not consider this industry as a proper one. Eris’s passion for art and interior decoration has been constant for many years. He realized he could launch a business in this field during 2010 whilst he spent seven months travelling on a motorcycle throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore). On his journey, he met numerous talented local artists and craftsmen who were struggling to sell their art and make a living. This is when and how the idea of Rock Around Asia Art Gallery was born, forming the beginning of Art Consulting Thailand, and Silapix Art Space, a long amazing and enthralling story to tell. Eric’s proven business sense creates added value converting an idea into a product/service to make it successful in a market. He has always worked as an innovator in various industries (cosmetics, finance, aerial sports, and IT). Eric studied in France, graduated in chemistry and physics, and later with an Executive MBA. He is also passionate about the history of art, design, architecture, museums, interior design and decoration, politics, history, literature, music and cinema. Eric has an extensive knowledge about Thai culture and history, he designed museums tours in Bangkok for Asian Trails, aiming to tell foreigners about the great history of Thailand and to explain the evolution of Thai society since the reforms of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). Eric is also an instructor in hang-gliding, paragliding, microlight aircraft and paramotor.

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Artistic Director / Artist

Sylvia Ong was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, graduated in Cinematography studies from National Arts Academy, Malaysia. For 7 years, she worked in directing, art direction in the independent film industry and turned into a full time producer in advertising firm. In her earlier years, her short film ‘Raaga Mood’ won a Jury Prize Awards in the ‘Freedom Film Festival 2004, Malaysia, Nominated in the 16th Malaysia Film Festival, Nominated in the longest running American Asian Film Festival, Screening in Golden Screen Cinema, Singapore Film Festival, 24th Images Film Festival in Toronto, Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival and Taiwan Experimental Media Art Festival. She then turned into painting in year 2010 after moving to Bangkok, Thailand. In the Year of 2013, she was already selling her art pieces to private collectors from various group show in Bangkok, Chiangrai, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and U.K. Her abstract art charmed her into creating loose and free visualisations that blend her innermost feelings with the things around her. Experimenting with paint in layers, bold brush strokes, evocative lines and dripping on canvas, there is a sense of the intangible and the personal making its way onto the canvas, to be interpreted in its own way by the viewer’s eye. In her abrupt drawings of figures and expressive mark-making, one can discern the intensity of her feelings. Largely influenced by her day-to-day experiences, Sylvia has learnt to appreciate the beauty of life’s surprises. It is this unexpectedness of life that projects itself into her work – some of her paintings might change forms or styles drastically in the middle of its creation, revealing a different story altogether. Casting away the rules has allowed her to create work that is beyond boundaries, capturing a raw fearlessness that is also delicate and feminine. Sylvia’s journey as an artist is only beginning, and every piece of her work is part of her process of growing up as a professional and as a woman. She keeps herself ready for more discoveries, successes and even failures in her desire to express herself through art and make connections with the people around her. Due to her cultural knowledge and connections with the Malaysian art scene, Sylvia, as an artist, curator and project manager, advises our clients in Malaysia on the right artistic direction to take, the souring of artists, concepts to implement and artworks to create.