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Creative Art Consultants Team │ Passion For Design, Interior & Architecture

Art Consulting Thailand gathers together an multi-cultural creative team of art and design consultants, who provide art consultancy and project management for organizations. Whatever your needs, we will help you to conceptualize, monitor and manage your art related project through to completion. We source, buy and commission art and manage the relationships between local and international artists and designers and various stakeholders in the arts and design sector. The team is experimented, fluent in English and have a high-level education in art history, fine art, curatorship, digital content production and project management.


Founder Managing director / Project manager / Art consultant & curator

Eric is an enthusiastic creative French entrepreneur, photographer, art consultant, curator, founder and managing director of Art Consulting Thailand. Since opening his first art gallery in Bangkok (Rock Around Asia) in 2011, Eric has constantly been working on bringing a new vision to setup an efficient art market in Thailand to reality, by initiating an industry paradigm shift through new technologies, launching, the first social network marketplace to connect artists worldwide with real-estate and hospitality professionals. Eris’s passion for art and interior decoration has been constant for many years. He realized he could launch a business in this field during 2010 whilst he spent seven months travelling on a motorcycle throughout Southeast Asia. On his journey, he met numerous talented local artists and craftsmen who were struggling to sell their art and make a living. This is when and how the idea of Rock Around Asia Art Gallery was born, forming the beginning of Art Consulting Thailand and, a long amazing and enthralling story to tell. Eric’s proven business sense creates added value converting an idea into a product/service to make it successful in a market. He has always worked as an innovator in various industries (cosmetics, finance, aerial sports, and IT). Eric studied in France, graduated in chemistry and physics, and later with an Executive MBA.


Author / Copywriter / Storyteller

Malaysia born Krystle’s writing journey began when, at the age of twelve, she wrote and sold short stories to her fellow peers in primary school, writing each and every copy by hand. Her true writing career, however, began in a tiny office working as a writer for the primary art magazine in Malaysia, reviewing exhibitions, musicals, plays, and writing about the artists and their work. Her passion involves searching for the deepest meanings and stories behind every piece of work, and discovering the motivation of the artists. In Bangkok, Thailand, where she now works as a copywriter, Krystle continues to follow the trail of art by collaborating with artists to help them further express the beauty of their paintings, using words to bring audiences closer to their art.


Artistic Director / Artist

Growing up in an artistic environment, and under the influence of her interior designer mother, Malaysia born Peisy eventually found herself studying at Birmingham City University in the UK where she graduated in 1999 with a BA (Hons.) in Visual Communication in Art & Design. Upon her return to Kuala Lumpur, she then settled into a more than a decade and a half career in the advertising industry, first as an Art Director then Creative Director. She worked for most of the major international advertising agencies on a plethora of advertising projects in almost every business category which allowed her to hone not only her creative insights but also the skills to successfully manage and guide diverse teams of professionals as well as the associated complex processes of large-scale advertising campaigns. In 2010, sensing burnout from agency life, Peisy decided to turn into a freelance creative and at the same time trying to search a new path of her own. In the following years, she launched two successfully funded crowdfunding campaigns on U.S. based Kickstarter (KS) – Palm Republik and TIGA (which became the first Malaysian based KS to raise more than RM 100,000). Through the success of the TIGA, Peisy branched out into hotel art with an initial project for the then under construction Best Western Premier Ion Delemen in Genting Highlands where she was responsible for the design, reproduction and installation of artwork for over 300 suites. Along with her freelance work, Peisy has simultaneously focused developing her skills as a contemporary artist and has built up a large and diverse collection of inspiring artwork. Her work is in a continuous state of evolution and she looks to her past experiences as well as heritage as a preamble to her future creations. As an artist and a creative herself, Peisy fully understands the nuances and the creative process and together with her years of experience in project management is what gives her such a dynamic and visceral connection to the sensibilities of the artists in parallel with a positive outcome for the client.