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With multiple branches in Thailand and Cambodia, Asia Herb Association is a Japanese-owned chain specializes in massage using þrà·kóp (traditional Thai herbal compresses) filled with 18 different herbs. The company provides herbal therapies, as well as selling natural herbal products. Established in 2003, Asia Herb Association hires over 200 employees, all of whom are well-trained and dedicated to providing their customers with the most relaxing and healing experiences.


For the need of its new Hotel/Spa concept located Sukhumvit 22 (Bangkok), Asia Herb Association has been introduced to a panel of 24 Thai artists. 14 of them have been selected to produce original artworks on a specific theme.


Art Consulting Thailand guides you through the process of finding and commissioning a Thai artist and designer. As an art and design commission is so bespoke and personal to you, the best way to start is by getting in touch with a consultant of Art Consulting Thailand. Whether the commission is for business purpose whether a personal acquisition, the process remains the same. First, we get your brief and we try to understand your taste and objective for the direction of the commission. Once we agree on both, we will proceed some researches and submit a shortlist of artists active through Silapix social network and the fee for each selected artist and designer.