Quan Spa Marriott Marquis Bangkok


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To create visual value for the pond located at the entrance of Quan Spa Marriott Marquis, TCC land has commissioned Art Consulting Thailand to create lotuses made with resin. TCC Land provided the specs of the artworks to make them suitable for the space. As Art Consulting specializes in sourcing talent and proper artists to work on the project, we could use our platform, Silapix to find the artists in one click. In terms the road-map, Art Consulting Thailand provided 3 stages of production which are pre-production, production and post production. For pre-production, Art Consulting Thailand started from sourcing the artists, briefing the artist about the artworks, providing the drafts of the lotuses for the client to choose from and providing the mock-up of the lotuses with different materials so, the client could choose the materials and approve before produce the real artworks. Art Consulting Thailand also visited the site in order to make sure that the sizes of the lotuses are suitable in the water. In terms of production, Art Consulting Thailand worked closely to the artist by following up so, he could provide the pictures of the production stage and we submit them to the clients. The final stage is the delivery and installation. Art Consulting Thailand visited the installation site with the artist and worked together as a team to make the artworks are perfect in the pond.


Art Consulting Thailand guides you through the process of finding and commissioning a Thai artist and designer. As an art and design commission is so bespoke and personal to you, the best way to start is by getting in touch with a consultant of Art Consulting Thailand. Whether the commission is for business purpose whether a personal acquisition, the process remains the same. First, we get your brief and we try to understand your taste and objective for the direction of the commission. Once we agree on both, we will proceed some researches and submit a shortlist of artists active through Silapix social network and the fee for each selected artist and designer.