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Siam Wisdom Cuisine is a high-end Thai restaurant located on Sukhumvit soi 31 in Bangkok. If you like the traditional Thai Cook and discover some new sensation of food, then Chim by Siam Wisdom is your Restaurant. The Chef Noom visited a dozen of countries, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Shanghai, Singapour and more, of each he acquires the technical specialties of their gastronomy, to combine with the traditional Thai cook, he reviewed in his on way the Thai Food, he calls it The Perfect Cook.


Owners of Siam Wisdom Cuisine have renovated this old Thai house to offer their guests a unique culinary experience where the spirit of nature and natural light will reign over the venue. To enforce this feeling of peaceful nature, owners requested Art Consulting Thailand to bring more nature with Art. We have commissioned a complete botanic garden made of 12 paintings (oil on canvas) to a Thai impressionist artist. In one month, we have turned the walls into a unique Thai garden area, with flowers, water, threes and lotus.


Art Consulting Thailand guides you through the process of finding and commissioning a Thai artist and designer. As an art and design commission is so bespoke and personal to you, the best way to start is by getting in touch with a consultant of Art Consulting Thailand. Whether the commission is for business purpose whether a personal acquisition, the process remains the same. First, we get your brief and we try to understand your taste and objective for the direction of the commission. Once we agree on both, we will proceed some researches and submit a shortlist of artists active through Silapix social network and the fee for each selected artist and designer.