St-Regis Hotel Bangkok


Art Consulting Thailand l Interior Design & Decoration Agency l Bangkok


Art Consulting Thailand has launched a partnership with St-Regis Bangkok early 2016. We provide curatorial and exhibitions services. We curated the 1st exhibition cycle on the theme of Impressionism in Thailand. Expressionism in art means to present the world solely from a subjective perspective. Expressionist artists distort reality to express and reflect their emotions. The artists displayed here all use the visual and emotional language of Expressionism to portray a variety of themes – from social commentary, to personal spirituality, to heartbreak. This group exhibitions featured 4 emerging Thai artists: Palaphon, Buathong, Kuning and Kittisirot.


Every year, over 500 Thai artists graduate from fine arts universities in Thailand, but have few opportunities to access the global art market. Art Consulting Thailand and prestigious brands such as St-Regis Hotel Bangkok, joined their strengths to support and promote emerging Thai artists and designers. To connect these new generations of Thai artists and designers with their potential clients, sponsors, and partners, in Thailand, and all over the world, Art Consulting Thailand is sourcing, the largest network of Thai artists.


Meanwhile, Art Consulting Thailand offers unique curatorial services from standalone exhibitions curation, innovative public art projects to exhibition design, corporate commissions and private collection display. With a strong interest in fostering wider engagement with the visual arts, we offer customized audience development strategies, bespoke art and museums tours in Bangkok and public programs including guest lectures, conferences and curatorial workshops.